Extensive Experience
in Global Medical and Cannabis Clinic Operations

The Tidal team has extensive experience in operating oncology, psychiatric, and cannabis clinic operations at scale. Coordinating over a hundred thousand patient visits annually. The dedicated team is led by Chief Science Officer, Dr. Raiyan Chowdhury, a medical specialist and partner in Alberta-based Canadian Cancer Care clinics.

Tidal is partnering in the world’s first psychedelic oncology trial for depression and pain management and also on studies involving the use of psychedelics and repetitive trans-cranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) of the brain.

Current Locations

Edmonton, Vancouver

Future Developments

Portland, Los Angeles, Denver, New York, San Francisco, Santa Cruz

First Oncology
clinical trial

  • 200 patient protocol
  • Oncological diagnosis with PTSD, depression, bereavement
  • Outcome measurement: EQ-5D-5L